Greetings, I am MANIAN GOPI.

Thank you sincerely for your presence here. It is my aspiration to foster a close and respectful virtual connection with you, honoring the time and space you’ve shared with me today. Allow me to share a glimpse into my journey and the ethos that drives me.


In my tenure as an academic, I have been continually inspired by the dynamic lives of my students, a journey that led to the inception of Wayam – The Life Education Institute. This endeavor has been a beacon of Gurukulam Education, a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and innovative communication methods, offering a fresh perspective on life and its intricate dynamics.


I envision a world where love and understanding prevail over loneliness, a world where the deep understanding of the mind and its nuances become the cornerstone of harmonious relationships, be it in the professional sphere or personal life. It is my firm belief that with understanding comes quality, be it in work life, a conflict-free family environment, or a fulfilling personal life.


Embarking on a mission to create “Synergy,” I am here to offer Corporate Training, Teacher Training, Exclusive Workshops for College and School Students, and counseling sessions. Let us collaborate to foster understanding and harmony, working hand in hand to make the world a better place.


      Livelihood Education is the knowledge of “how to make Money matters as a boon instead of bane to lead a holistic sustainable happy life on earth”. 

      Livelihood Education includes how to understand money, how to grow money, how to maintain money, how to use money as a boon instead of it becoming a bane

      Money Matters – Sustainability in all levels is the basic need of every human on earth. It acts as the foundation of our very existence. For all our endeavours in Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Social and Spiritual space.  

       In the fast moving world of technology and unrestrained exposure, Livelihood Education should start as early as a person


Colors of Life

Shankar Kumaran's Education
6 years of intense residential Education on Vedic Knowledge


Shankar Kumaran's Mentor
Indian Philosophy, Yoga and Life affirming Spirituality

Indian Psychology Institute, Pondy

Shankar Kumaran Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor, International Center for Spiritual Studies

Amrita University, Bangalore

Shankar Kumaran Sessions
Camps & Workshops

Trained Thousands of participants

Shankar Kumaran Paper Presentation
National & International Seminars and Conferences

Presented so many Research Papers

Live Sessions
Dynamic Sessions with Practical Applications

Handled sessions for more than 4000+ hours